New Ontario Brewing Company

New Ontario Brewing Company opened in North Bay on September 23rd, 2015. Since then, our brewers have been crafting delicious beer and our friendly staff have been serving up smiles.

The brewery was started to bring truly Northern Ontario products to the local marketplace. As lifelong friends and passionate beer fans, we decided to set up shop at the corner of Cassells Street and the by-pass, right along the Trans-Canada Highway.

Exterior of New Ontario Brewing Company

We are community oriented and focused, and participate in tonnes of local events and support local initiatives. This is why we got into the beer business, to make sure that our community had a product that we can be proud of, and to showcase Northern Ontario initiative throughout the province.



At New Ontario Brewing Company, we believe that fresh ingredients, combined with creativity and craftsmanship, lead to a superior product that our customers will appreciate as being distinctly different from the large producers. Our flagship and seasonal beers allow us to continue experimenting and perfecting our craft. 

Our History

Built in 1907, The New Ontario Brewery Co. Ltd., was in business for only eight years. The facility stood at the corner of Stanley and Regina Streets. The site of the brewery's dump on Monk Street occasional yields an old bottle from the brewery's era. Frank Schaller of Chicago was the brewmaster and Charles Blyth was the bookkeeper. The brewery was destroyed by fire in 1915.  


Logo & Website

We chose to have our logo and websites have been created by local designers and developers for a true Northern flavour. We are proud to support small businesses.

The logo is a tribute to the city’s history in forestry and to Northerners’ legendary resourcefulness, ruggedness, and love of our beautiful outdoors. It also evokes the experience of enjoying a beer while sitting around a campfire with family and friends.  

The website reflects the purity of our ingredients and the dynamic energy of our brews. Our friendly and playful nature shines through the interactions and design.